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Dog Treat Box


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What’s better than a box filled with yummy, healthy and natural treats?

Treat box contains:
2 x Empty Hooves
3 x Furry Bunny Ears
1 x Pigs Ear
1 x Meaty Filled Bone
2 x Medium Whimzee Toothbrushes
1 x Dried Chicken Foot
1 x Roe Deer Leg
2 x Venison Sausages
1 x Tribal Treats
1 x True Instinct Pure Meat Bites 20g
1 x Pure Meat Pate 200g
1 x Pure Meat Sticks
4 x Natural Meat Strips
1 x Natural Sausage Bite 150g
1 x Dried Sprats 50g


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