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Coco Jojo Cooling Vest 82cm L


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Cooling vest to keep your pet comfortable in the hot weather. Produced in a PVA material that you wet which then keeps the material cool. Produced with a zipper and velcro for easy dressing. A further benefit is the reflective tape to keep them safe.

This cooling vest is lightweight and designed to keep your pet cool and comfortable on hot days or when on the go. It will help keep your pooch cool and helps protect them against UV and heat related illness. Simply soak the vest in cold water and wring out. Repeat once the water has evaporated. The elastofit technology allows the vest to expand to fit your dog’s unique shape. Soak before use.

This item is intended for dogs only.

To choose size measure around your pets chest.

4 sizes:

XS- 30cm

S- 48cm

Med – 64cm

large – 82cm

Xl – 96 cm chest

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