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Chuck It Ultra Fetch Stick


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What is the favourite game of a dog? Even if you ask someone who does not own a dog, their immediate answer would be Fetch! It is quite evident that every dog likes a game of fetch, whether it plays with their owner or with its friends. While you can find loads of fetch dog toys, you wont find anything quite as sturdy, high-quality and durable as the Chuckit Ultra Fetch Stick.

Whether youre on your daily walk with your pooch or just sitting in the middle of your living room, with this ultra fetch stick dog toy a fetch game is possible anywhere, anytime. Best of all, made from high-quality materials, this Chuckit fetch stick is gentle on your dogs mouth. The high-quality manufacture makes this stick durable and buoyant.

Perfect for a game of fetch beside the pool, a lake, a creek, or at the beach, this stick floats on water. Moreover, it is designed with bright colours which mean your pooch can easily find it. This stick will effortlessly engage your pooch for hours of interactive play session whilst helping you establish a strong connection with it.

This fetch stick requires less care as it can be easily cleaned to maintain hygiene as well as its condition. However, no toy is indestructible when it comes to dogs, so always supervise your dog when its playing.

Product Dimensions: 33 cm (D) x 8 cm (W) x 2 cm (H)

Product Benefits

  • Made from high-quality durable material and designed for games of fetch
  • Easy-to-find bright colours
  • Soft on your dogs mouth and can float on water

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