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Bottle Bellied Woolymals Deer


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The Buster & Beau Bottle Bellied Woolymals Deer Dog Toy is a great new unique looking dog toy

Key Benefits


  • Hidden bottle to give the toy a unique texture to play with
  • Covered with a mixture of fluffy material and chord
  • Great for use as a comforter
  • Unique look and feel
  • Long thin arms and legs can be great for light tugging
  • Suitable for small dogs and puppies


Product Information

The Bottle Bellied Woolymals Deer Dog Toy from the Buster & Beau range at Happy Pet, is a lovely contempory looking soft plush toy suitable for puppies and small dogs. This unique looking dog toy is sure to be a crowd pleaser, the long thin legs and arms will encourage light tugging amongst doggy friends. The belly is filled with a plastic bottle to give the toy something unique and the different textures will help to entice your puppy to get involved. The bottle is covered in a luxury flurry material which will make a great comforter toy. The toy is super soft and the lovely chord material is great especially with bits of tweed pattern on too.

Please note:
Picture may not be of exact animal

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