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Alpaca Dog Jumper Herringbone


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Alqo Wasi combine textile heritage and global trends with alpaca—a raw, sustainable, and luxurious fiber—to make our designs unique.

For the classic pooch seeking dynamic, stylish apparel, this sweater ticks all the boxes. Made from alpaca with a fine rhombus pattern, this garment can be easily styled to create a range of looks. Features rhombus pattern knit on front (chest).

Alqo Wasi is devoted to creating timeless and authentic pieces made of luxurious alpaca fiber blends. Alpaca wool, one of the world’s most luxurious fibers, is a jewel amid all the synthetic fibers and harsh materials found in our everyday lives.

Softer than cashmere and warmer than merino wool, alpaca fiber is naturally lightweight, hypoallergenic and serves as a natural thermostat by using microscopic air pockets to trap body heat in cooler temperatures and to release heat in warmer weather.

Features ribbed turtleneck, leash opening

– Model Gloria is a Miniature Dachshund Size XS

This garment has been designed thinking on the well being of your pet.

Washing Instructions

Hand-washing is the gentlest method of cleaning an alpaca garment. Follow these four steps and your purchase will give your four legged companion years of luxurious comfort and wear.

1. Gently wash in warm water with a mild soap or shampoo and thoroughly rinse in water of the same temperature. Specialcare must be taken as wet alpaca fabric can weaken and stretch out of shape. Never wring or twist. Gently press excess water from garment.

2. Lay it on a dry towel. Ease the garment back into shape and roll up in the towel. Press to remove excess water and repeat this step with a second towel.

3. Lay the sweater flat to dry on a fresh, dry towel, until thoroughly air dried.

4. Never hang an alpaca sweater as it will stretch the garment out of shape. Lay flat in a drawer or on a shelf.

If stains persist: Dry cleaning may be the only solution.

We do not recommend machine washing. In the event you decide to use washing machine please secure the garment in a tied pillowcase and set on gentle cycle; cool water. Do not use drying machine.

About sizing

Sweaters and dresses

In order to calculate your pooch’s size, you’ll need to measure your dog’s length from

the base of the neck to the base of their tail,which serves as the primary measurement

in our clothing. The neck & chest measurements, as well as the breed guide provided

in the sizing chart, will help ensure you select the correct size for your dog in the

particular product style you desire.

S 14-17 inches /

36-44 cms.

13-15 inches / 33-38 cms. 11-14 Lb / 5-6 Kg. Mini Dachshund

Jack Russell




Boston Terrier

M 17-19 inches /

44-49 cms.

15-18 inches / 38-46 cms. 14-24 Lb / 6-11 Kg. Pug

French Bulldog




Scottish Terrier

Boston Terrier


L 19-21 inches /

49-54 cms.

18-20 inches / 46-51 cms. 24-31 Lb / 11-14 Kg. Cocker


Staffordshire Terrier

Border Collie

XL 21-24 inches /

54-61 cms.

20-22 inches / 51-56 cms. 31-42 Lb / 14-19 Kg. Pitbull



Basset Hound

2XL 24-28 inches /

61-72 cms.

22-24 inches / 56-61 cms. 42-60 Lb / 19-27 Kg. Dalmatian






3XL 28-31 inches /

72-79 cms.

24-26 inches / 61-67 cms. 60-95 Lb / 27-43 Kg. Ridgeback






4XL 31-34 inches /

79-87 cms.

26-28 inches / 67-72 cms. 95-176 Lb / 43-80 Kg. Great Dane


St. Bernard


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Extra Small Herringbone Dog Jumper Herringbone, Small Herringbone Dog Jumper Herringbone, Medium Herringbone Dog Jumper Herringbone, Large Herringbone Dog Jumper Herringbone, Extra Large Herringbone Dog Jumper Herringbone


Alqo Wasi


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